House Orn

House Orn is a minor House of Hive Sibellus, but one that holds a comfortable position of power and stability for its size. It is primarily comprised of the workstaff of Factoriums, from line workers to foreman and even plant managers. By tradition, membership is also extended to the immediate and dependent family of any House member for all intents and purposes – so a line worker knows that should he die (either in the factorium or elsewhere) his family will remain part of the House and benefit from their protection and support.

Most members of House Orn are organized around their respective factories, and the heirarchy of the House will closely reflect that of the factor floor. Most factories are fully owned by the House, although Orn does work in independently owned factories and can provide a pool of competent workers for people to hire when needed. It is not unusual for the children of members to apprentice in this role, serving in temporary jobs until they settle down in a factory or choose a different path in life (an uncommon choice – most end up working in the same factories as their parents). The upper levels of the House is comprised of families with long histories of operating factories, plus an occassional exceptionally keen mind that has risen from he factory floor.

House Orn is generally comprised of respectable working citizens. However, the younger members (and the children of members) form a more reckless element that is not afraid to wear their House badge as if it were gang colors. The najority of Orn (and more importantly its leadership) will only resort to violence as a last resort or reaction to an immediate threat. While riled, the House has the resources and organization to be a tough group.

House Orn is limited in their power and reach by two factors. The first is geographic – they control the main factoriums that border the Sibellus docks and yards, but there are many more sprawling industrial yards that lie beyond their territory. A conservative and slow-moving group, it is difficult for them to establish new branches. The second limitation is in skills – House Orn contains many workers and overseers, but very few engineers and advanced technical staff. Without a larger contigent of such people, they remain heavily reliant on outsiders.

Entry to House Orn is restricted to factorium workers and related workers. As is it virtually impossible to get a job in an Orn factory without being a House member, the msot common ways that outsiders join is either to marry in or to unionize in an independent factory and petition House Orn for entry as a group.

House Drune is a perpetual thorn in House Orn’s side, making trouble for them when they can. House Orn regards this as a irritating matter, not their principle rivals or threat, having their sights set much higher than roughing it with dockworkers. In the past they have been able to brush off any engagements by House Drune, but the recent strikes have been much more damaging.

House Orn

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