House Drune

Officially, House Drune is a collective of unskilled laborers in Hive Sibellus. A minor House, its territory and influence are largely restricted to the docks of the Midhive, the attached warehouse district, and the immediately surrounding area.

House Drune provides almost all the labor for the docks, except for a handful of specialty roles (mostly filled by servitors or special equipment operators) and individual ship’s crew. They also dominate the transport and loading labor throughout the warehouses connected to the docks. Over time, the House has amassed enough funds to buy warehouses itself, providing it with its own real estate and the opportunity to diversify it’s business. The leaders of House Drune dream of raising the House to a greater power and respect, but their limited scope and the generally low level of its members makes that a challenge.

In reality, House Drune has more in common with a large street gang than a true House. It’s understood that hiring anyone but Drune’s for work in their territory will lead to accidents for the business involved, and it is typical for there to be ‘breakage’ when Drune is handling shipments of any interest. Generally, this sort of petty thievary is unremarkable, and considered part of the cost of doing business.

When not at work, the members of House Drune are happy to peddle drugs and contraband alongside other street gangs. While they a minor House they are considered a powerful gang, with considerable manpower and territory and more dependable access to contraband due to their legitimate fronts. House Drune’s power extends mcuh further downward, into the Underhive, than it does up to the Spire.

With no craft or trade skills, the chief requirements for membership are an able body and loyalty to the House. The House provides very little in the way of training or skills, and advancement is usually by climbing the less-than-legal portion of the House’s activities.

Among the other Houses, Drune’s chief rival is House Orn. Ostensibly, this grudge is because Orn refuses to hire Drune laborers or let them handle anything beyond the most basic pickups and deliveries. More likely, House Orn simply has the misfortune of being the House with bordering territory, providing an easy rival for the roving bands of Drunes.

Known Members

Steve – Foreman of a Drune warehouse who had the bad luck to be the first guy on the Inquisition’s question list. He is now likely marked for death by those in charge of the weapons distribution.

House Drune

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