Name: Severus
Homeworld: Forge World
Gender: Male
Career: Tech-Priest
Rank: Tech-Priest

WS: 35
BS: 40
S: 33
T: 42 (2)
Ag: 31
Int: 48 (1)
Per: 32
WP: 39 (1)
Fellowship: 24
Wounds: 13

Fate Points: 2
Thrones: 8
Total XP: 2750
Spent XP: 2750
Insanity Pts: 4
Corruption Pts: 4

Build: Moderate
Skin Color: Stained
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Age: 31

Quirk: None
Point of Origin: Minor Forge World
Divination: A suspicious mind is a healthy mind.

Traits: Fit for Purpose, Stranger to the Cult, Credo Omnissiah

Basic Skills: Common Lore (Machine Cult) (Int)

Trained Skills: Common Lore (Tech) (Int), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Literacy (Int),
Secret Tongue (Tech) (Int), Trade (Scrimshawer) (Ag), Medicae (int), Trade Armorer (Int), Demolitions (Int), Logic (Int)

Advanced Skills: Tech-Use +10 (Int)

Talents: Technical Knock, Melee Weapons Training (Primitive), Basic Weapons Training
(Las), Pistol Training (Las), Electric Graft Use, Luminen charge, feedback screech, luminen blast, electrical succour, ferric lure

Gear: las pistol, custom Hellgun and 3 charge packs, knife, las cutter, combi-tool,
flak vest, flak jacket, glow lamp, data-slate, Mechanicus robes and vestments (Good Quality
Clothing), spare parts (power cells, wires, chronometers etc), vial of Sacred Machine
Oil, Mechanicus implants, shock maul, heavy stubber (200 round belt), enhanced manipulator* mechandrite

Other items:

Special Qualities: None

Family: None

Description: Somewhat surly man who often seems on edge when around other people. Seems to be easily frustrated with others, especially when trying to communicate to them, probably because to him they seem so illogical and dense.

Special Rules:

Enhanced Manipulator Mechandrite
- The mechandrite counts as a standard manipulator mechandrite. At the start of a combat round, the arm can be surged, at which point for the next attack it counts as a mono weapon. If you miss, the surge is wasted. If used out of combat, the arm gets an additional +10 to strength checks to avoid losing grip of the item for a few seconds (this assumes that the load or whatever Severus is holding onto doesn’t rip the arm off or something similarly gruesome). Each surge drains 1 of the 6 charge packs.

- In addition to powering the arm, the battery harness can be used by Severus to recharge himself using Electrical Succour. Each fatigue point removed drains one charge pack. Conversely, Severus can recharge the harness using Luminen Charge, gaining one fatigue to recharge one pack. The harness can also be recharged at a power source using normal means. The individual charge packs in the harness cannot be used for other purposes, such as powering a las gun. The harness also has a container on the side to hold the ammo for the heavy stubber. (note: the idea of this is to make using the Luminen talents less of a problem, because if I get fatigue, its -10 to all skills for an hour, and this provides a means to help fight it, somewhat)

- The battery harness does not decrease the armor value of the body due to the additional plating. However, this requires any future armor to be similarly modified. Therefore any new armor used costs an additional 30% to take this into account. If new armor is found, but not bought, then 30% of the value must be spent in modifying the armor to upgrade the harness plating.

- The mechandrite can be used to brace the heavy stubber. However, getting into and leaving a braced position requires a full round action each, and Severus cannot move while braced, other than turning. The mechandrite cannot be used as a close combat round while it is bracing the gun, or when getting into or out of the braced position.

- Due to the additional weight, Severus counts as encumbered. He gets -10 to all agility tests based on movement (like dodging) and counts as having one less point of movement (so he moves at 2, 4, 6, and 12 m per round). However, the braces prevent this added weight from fatiguing him over time.



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