Dark Heresy: Weapons of War

In the Underhive

I didn't know rats came in XXXL

The Acolytes descended into the Underhive with the assistance of a hand-picked lunatic wildman expert tracker and guide. Their guide succeeded in leading them past and around the worst of the dangers between them and their goal, and the party reached the block that Drune has been using to prepare weapon shipments.

The building in question was an old hab block, probably decent housing at one time but long since fallen into disuse and ill repair, swallowed up by the underhive until now. After some quick reconaissance, the group decided that the front door was too heavily defended, and circled around to enter through the damaged North side, where a fire had burned out many windows and interior walls. Picking their way through the building they ran afoul of a underhive rat pack, but managed to dispatch the beasts with silenced weapons and hand to hand combat.

Coming out onto a balcony overlooking the central lobby of the old block, the Acolytes could see that they had found what they were looking for. Having the advantage of surprise and elevation, Flex gunned down two of the guards while Tolan disabled the apparent leader. Reinforcements came in, but were cut down by the group in short order. After the brief engagement, the group had captured a signle Drune ganger and Marcus, a mercenary hired to manage the logistics.

With a promise of being handed over to more pleasant authorities, Marcus revealed that the weapons are entering the Hive through disused tunnels on the ground level. The large containers of weapons are dropped their by a merchant ship on its way from Gunmetal, and Marcus and the gangers would pick them up and transport them to this block in the Underhive using old transit tunnels. From here, they would be prepared into smaller shipments and sent out to arm different groups of Drune gangers. He was able to provide times and dates of the shipments, as well as the information from his broker on who contacted him for the job. In addition, the group recorded the identification of the shipping crates on sight, as well as the serials of many of the weapons.

Taking their prisoners with them, the group decided to fall back and report to Drusil with this information before making any further plans.



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