Dark Heresy: Weapons of War

The Stakeout (Part II)

Finally people are getting shot

With the weapons on site, the Acolytes continued their stakeout of the contraband operation. The cyber skull provided them with solid intel of the interior of the warehouse, able to monitor and record the assembly of the weapons and the conversations of the Drune gangers.

The surveillance continued while more gangers arrived, and the leader of the operation – Regulas – distributed weapons and instructions. The Drune gangers were told to target a House Orn warehouse to make an exmaple of its staff, with the promise of more violence to come if House Orn doesn’t see the error of opposing Drune’s new power. Ready for action, the Drune gangers left the warehouse, while Severus reported their movements to the Magistratum to arrange an unpleasany welcoming committee for them.

Once the weapons had been passed on, Regulas left the warehouse on foot. The Acolytes opted to follow him, managing to tail him to a publix vox system where he placed several calls. From there, he ducked into a run-down bar. At Flex’s prompting, Severus was able to extract some information about Regulas’ calls, including a general idea of where the call might be connecting to. Not enough to act on immediately, however.

The Acolytes abandoned the chase, and returned to the warehouse, intending to ambush Regulas when he returned to meet with Flex’s alter-ego. Stron-arming the warhouse operator, Steve, into cooperating, they set up a trap for the Drune ganger and waited. When sprung, things initially weny smoothly – Tolan disarmed Regulas and Severus was able to subdue him, but they were stuck for transport. The magistratum sent out a transport, but the unusual activity drew the attention of some clueless Drune gangers. Unable to talk their way past the dogged questions, the Acolytes gunned them down and made a break for it. Escaping in a hail of gunfire, they have delivered their captives and their information to the Magistratum. But what is the next move?


The next move is butter up a spoon and make someone talk.

The Stakeout (Part II)

In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only forks.

The Stakeout (Part II)

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