Dark Heresy: Weapons of War

The Stakeout

Why aren't we shooting people by now?

After a brief – and generally unproductive – meeting with a foreman of House Orn, the Acolytes made arrangements to meet a more senior member the following moring. After a brief stop to wrangle some help from the local Mechanicus, they proceeded to their stakeout of the House Drune Warehouse. Tolan gained access to the roof of the building, while Flex lurked out front and Severus snuck his Servo Skull into the building to observe.

Late into the night, a Drune transport arrived at the building and began to unload crates. Able to watch the process from both inside and out, the Acolytes monitored a dozen boxes being moved into the building. Uncertain as to where the vehicle might go next, Tolan made the tricky descent and – with a bit of trouble – ended up clinging to the underneath of the truck.

Unfortunately, the truck was taken to a nearby parking depot to be left for the night. Illiterate, Tolan was only able to mark a few of the logos and graphics in the lot before trying to retrace his steps to the warehouse. Hugging the underside of a truck had tangled his direction sense, however, and it wasn’t long before he lost his way and decided to try and make for their rendez-vous point.

Meanwhile, Flex and Severus continued to observe the warehouse. Once unloaded, the crates were unpacked and revealed to by more of the dangerous contraband weapons. The head Drune began the task of preparing and assembling the weapons for use; it appears that they will be supplying another raid against House Orn soon enough.



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