Dark Heresy: Weapons of War

Results at Last

The Acolytes questioned Regulus seeing the name of his supplier. The first session garnered them no information, and the prisoner was left in the interrogation room unconscious thanks to the heavy hand of Severous. The Acolytes proceeded to follow up their other lead with Gunmetal City. The contact at Gunmetal returned with a list of names of recently retired or terminated technicians with high levels of skill. Only two stood out in the list, and warranted possible investigation. The Magistratum has been asked to seek out the whereabouts of these individuals.

The second interrogation session with Regulus was much more fruitful. Unfortunately he did not know the name or face of his superiors or the weapons supplier, being only in the know for a month. He did reveal the location of the weapons pickup, a warehouse in the Underhive in Drune territory. The Acolytes decided a personal visit is necessary. Unfortunately Commander Drusil was unable to provide backup due to already stretched forces, and the fact the Underhive is generally ignored and too dangerous for the magnistratum. The Acolytes attempted to acquire support from both the Tech priests, and from House Orn. Neither efforts bore fruit. Flex found a guide through old friends who would be able to help them navigate the treacherous alleys and territories of the Underhive. Thus the three ventured to the Undercity alone.



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