Dark Heresy: Weapons of War

On the Trail

Excuse me, have you seen a ship of heretics pass this way.

After discussion, teh Acolytes have opted to pursue the Voidwalker, hoping to either capture the ship and interrogate its officers, or to track its movement and reveal more of the organization behind the weapons production and trafficking. Among the information they gathered was that the Voidwalker has a limited charter, and its last entered flight plan indicated that it would be following its usual route to Fenksworld. There is a chance that the crew thinks they have gotten away from the capture of the factory clean, and is not truly on the run.

The first leg of the trip was taken on a hauler to an Orbital station in the Saphano System, a waystation along diverging routes. After an uneventful trip, the Acolytes are left to work out the rest of their trip themselves. Tolan spent time surveying the docks and asking questions, and eventually succeeded in arranging their transport to Fenksworld on board the Vaahkon’s Fury, a small and fast messenger ship. The Captain, Don Brake, is happy to take their scrip on the promise that they will keep their heads down and avoid hassling any of the other passengers – the Acolytes look like a grimy lot and only their money gains them forbearance from the prickly Captain.

While the Fury is refueling and preparing to travel, the Acolytes have a few days on the station. Saphano Secondus 4 is an unremarkable station that ekes out its survival furnishing the ships that pass through the system – Saphano Secondus itself is a gas giant, and ancient gas wells process fuel from the planet for passing ships. Other than that, there is little industry besides the shady, dockside entertainments for crew lucky enough to gain shore leave.

During his inquiries, Tolan has made contact with a barkeep named Clyde, who has promised them some quick work while they wait. Unsure of what he will be offering, the Acolytes have a meeting with him in the evening to get the details of the job.



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