Dark Heresy: Weapons of War

Gang War!

A battle between Houses spills over

Two Houses of Hive Sibellus have gone to war. While not unusual itself, the new conflict between old rivals House Drune and House Orn has spiralled rapidly out of control, bubbling up from the Underhive and dark warrens of the city into the Midhive. With skirmishes in the streets threatening the Middle Hive and even intruding on the Factoriums, the Magistratum has become involved.

The Magistratum enforcers clashed with bands of House Drune, and found them to be much better equipped than any low-rating House gangers should be. House Drune had gained ground on House Orn thanks to a supply of military-grade weapons at their disposal. This revelation has changed many perceptions about the conflict, and the Adeptus Arbites are already moving to stamp out what they perceive as the potential spark of larger unrest that would threaten the stability of the entire Hive.

Your Master, Inquisitor Drake, arranged a meeting with Magistratum Commander Drusil. The Commander explained that the Arbites will be ruthless about putting down any perceived rebellion, but in their zeal clues might be lost. Thereofre you are instructed to investigate as much as you can before the hammer of law drops on the situation – an estimated seven days or less. You must use that time wisely.



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