Dark Heresy: Weapons of War


What was going on with that thing again?

Having returned to the midhive to report to Commander Drusil and hand over their prisoners and information, the Acolytes have some time to catch up on information that might be waiting for them and pass over all that they have learned so far.

In their absence, the conflict has continued to escalate. There have been more Drune strikes against House Orn holdings, many of which the Magistratum were not able to intercept or capture. At the request of House Orn, a number of Orn groups have been formally deputized and given authorization to respond to the attacks with equal force, as long as it is restricted to Orn holdings. Even so, there have been reports of House Orn counterstriking against Drune warhouses and holdings. All this is heightening the need for Arbitrator intervention, which is now anticipated in two days.

Missing Factory Workers

At their request, Commander Hagan from Gunmetal City has done his best to follow up with the different individuals that the Acolytes had shown interest in. His report is waiting for them:

Jorn Bekala

A senior member of the lay staff for the Hellgun plant, Bekala had an impressive career that spanned fifteen years of work. He was badly injured while trying to refit the production line, losing his vision, one arm, and his mobility. Magistratum agents visited the address on file for him, and were able to interview him. Although he has received simple prosthetics for his injuries, he seems restricted to the house and had very little interest in talking to the Magistratum. The officers reported that he was disheveled and seemed to be disoriented, possibly drunk or overusing his medication.

Shala Orn

A mid-level technician at one of the lasgun factories. It was discovered that Shala was selling excess components from the factory to finance the work. She was immediately disowned by House Orn to avoid implication in the offense, and she branded as a thief. Magistratum’s officers have been at work trying to find her – her last known address was empty, with little indication where she had gone. After some legwork they think they have found her operating a gunsmithy in the warrens of Gunmetal, but haven’t approached her yet – with her history, they’re concerned she might bolt. They’ll follow up and try to bring her in if needed.

Gord Freel

Freel was an accomplished engineer who worked in several different factories during his career – he began in the projectiles plant and was transferred to a heavy weapons facility when he showed considerable aptitude. His record was spotless until roughly five years ago; there are a handful of notes that suggest he had personal problems behind his collapse. Hagan’s men visited his last address, and found it seemingly abadoned – msot of his possessions and property were still in place. Further investigations show that Freel had accumulated significant debts to loan sharks and casinos. The Magistratum has some of those names but has not located Freel yet.

Shipping Codes

The Magistratum is able to check the codes retrieved from the shipping containers at the House Drune weapon depot. The information available indicates that the crates were originally brought to Hive Sibellus containing foodstuffs from a nearby Agriworld, and from there they were routed to Gunmetal to supply the factory workers there; that was almost a year ago. As a Voidborn, Tolan knows that most crates are sent one-way – when they reach their final destination they are frequently cut apart for scrap, resold to local industries, or recycled and recoded for new shipping. The shipping center in Gunmetal will have some idea what would have happened to the crates once they were unloaded at Gunmetal.

Regulas & Vox Calls

Regulas is still in holding and has not provided any more interesting information to the Magistratum. At this point, they have managed to decode the first call he made from teh Vox system; it matches to a personal line for one of the House Drune lieutenants. Drusil has just received this information and has not decided how to handle it – he’s waiting to hear how the Acolytes raid has gone before making any further moves.



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