Dark Heresy: Weapons of War

Gunmetal City

If you didn't bring a gun, one will be provided for you

Having gotten a lead on the weapon source, the Acolytes made their way to Gunmetal city to pursue the investigation. After checking in with Commander Hagan, they began to make their rounds.

Their first stop was to visit Shala Orn, a prime suspect in the fabrication of the contraband guns. However, some careful talking revealed that she was not involved in the work, but was able to identify it as the handiwork of Gord Freel. Unfortunately Freel had vanished, and the Acolytes were leery of trying to follow up with the loansharks and gambling pits where he owed money at the time.

Their next stop took them to the shipping yards, to try and backtrack the crates of weapons. A talk with the shipping boss sent them to speak with Octus Silon, a Gunmetal businessman who purchased crates for prefabricated buildings. A little bullying got him to open his books, but the information he provided didn’t match what the shipping office had said. The Acolytes decided to revisit the shipping yard, but were attacked by some Gunmetal toughs. A brief firefight ensused, leaving them a little battered but in decent shape.

The shipping yard promised that they had been given good information – on pain of Inquisitorial interest. The yard boss referred them to the shipper that was used, a man named Eli, to collect and deliver the crates. The Acolytes found his business and turned the screws, finding him quite willing to cooperate. He revealed that Octus had a number of crates delivered to a second location, on the edge of the Inferno.

The Acolytes converged on the location and discovered it to be a secret production facility for the contraband weapons, where Octus and an elaborately armored man were holding Freel captive. The Acolytes decided to do things the old fashioned way, by driving one of Eli’s trucks right through the front of the building and opening up on everyone they could find. Freel and the armored man were killed in the fire fight (along with a handful of grunts) and Octus was captured while trying to escape. They Acolytes were also able to capture some papers Octus was carrying, but lost information on the second man’s dataslate to a carefully prepared datatrap. Having found the weapon source, the Acolytes called in and were picked up. Mission success!



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