Dark Heresy: Weapons of War

Tracing the Weapons

Serial Codes and Suppliers

Severus and Flex have been able to inspect the weapons seized by the Magistratum from House Drune. Those will ultimately be passed on to the Arbites when they take over the matter, but for now the Acolytes can study them as needed. Severus’ sharp eye for technology revealed that the weapons have been extensively worked on and rebuilt by trained hands – making this no mere matter of smuggling Imperial Guard suppliers, but potentially the work of rogue engineer or Heretek.

Tracking down the serial codes available suggested that many fo the parts were recently produced in Gunmetal City, a smaller city on Scintilla that is a primary weapons production center. Commander Drusil put you in touch with with his colleague in Gunmetal, Commander Harad. Lacking the information to help immediately, Commander Harad will be checking for any information on lasweapon engineers or factory workers that might be of use to you. Unfortunately such records are scattered among the factory files, so he will need at least a day to have them searched.

Interrogating captured members of House Drune did not yield much information, but a gang Juve was able to provide an address for where the group met and received their new weapons before going out to hunt House Orn. Investingating the warehouse in question did not turn up any leads, but Flex was able to talk to the Warehouse manager and find out that shipments had been coming in during the night. With some encouragement, the man agreed to see if he could set up Flex to meet this supplier.



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